Origin: BEULAKE Overijssel (Netherlands) 1729


Profession progenitor: Peat cutter.

I started the investigation of my roots in the last years of the eighties.

The goal is to find all members of the family of progenitor

A impossible task, since numberless relatives migrated to a.o. America, Canada, Australia etc., yet others spread in the course of years through all of the Netherlands.

Via the internet I try to contact relatives, by publishing a list of names, dates of birth and places with which you as a reader can determine whether you are a member of this family or not.

Meanwhile 2174 Leeuwen/Lyons have been found.

All relatives with the name de Leeuw, Leeuw, Lyon and

DeLeo can be found in this homepage. 


 Gallery of Honour

With thanks for his search in America to find our family members

Samuel Tunis de Leeuw


Please mail  your reaction, new information and mistakes.


    Yours sincerely, Andries de Leeuw